Radikal Bikers by Gaelco and licensed by Atari.

A game set in a Mediterranean environment in which, for the first time, players have the chance to show off their motor-cycle skills in a typically Italian urban setting. The theme of the game is an urban competition between 2 pizza delivery boys in a race to see who can deliver their pizza first. The urban circuit allows interaction with all kinds of elements: cars, vans, windows, fences, people, etc. To help you complete your mission, you can collect icons giving you more speed, power or time.

You must choose your pizza delivery boy – each with his own particular abilities -and level of difficulty. There are three levels: Margherita (easy), Capricciosa (medium) y Diavolo (difficult), from which you should choose according to your own skill level. There are four different races at each level to allow you to show the other delivery boy who has the most skill, daring and ability.

Radikal Bikers “Gaelco 3D hardware” Specs:
CPU: Motorola “68EC020” @ 25MHz
DSP: TMS32031 @ 50MHz
Sound CPU: ADSP-2115 @ 16MHz
Sound chip: 4xDMA-driven-DAC output Stereo

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42 thoughts on “Radikal Bikers -Arcade Version- by Gaelco (1998)

  1. I used to play this game at the arcade at the airport just when we were about to go on the plane. Great memories.

  2. I played this game a few weeks ago at retrodome arcade in Barnsley for the first time in years. I miss how they used to make fun games like this and not end so soon like what most games do. It’s just a pity there was no sound but the game was working fine though.


  4. I remember playing this arcade game as a 7 year old kid in Mallorca during Summer Time. Probably one of the best arcade games I have ever played and I want to play it again to get the nostalgia feeling

  5. Back then it was the coolest game in my town's arcade. I was about 15. Great graphics for the time and the cabinet had handlebars like a motorbike, but I was always out of time ;(

  6. Good lord, it's like a campier version of Smashing Drive.

    (Yes, I avoided using the word "cheesier" on purpose.)

  7. I used to play this all the time at my local arcade and then that they sold it. Me and my friend went back and forth for 12 years best in each other scores. If anybody is selling this and in Sutter California please message me back.

  8. these graphics look horrible even for 1998 i mean look at other games that use glide that came prior like time crisis, alpine racer or even ddr this is the most blocky and pixelated looking game that runs on 3dfx voodoo 2 graphics that i ever seen but the gameplay is pretty good i could use this type of game engine and song for the pizza delivery mission in my indie game im making

  9. Weren't there two or three moves you could do in this game to get around better? (I recall blipping full throttle twice did a wheelie with minor speed boost. I think there was also a way to do a jump, and a kick turn for those hairpins.) Player here seems like they don't know those tricks. I wonder if there are playthroughs by somebody good at the game?

  10. This game reminds me of another game (and by Gaelco too, at that) called "Smashing Drive." In fact, the powerups and, to a lesser extent, the objective, were carried over into that game.

  11. I wished for Gaelco to release a Radikal Bikers sequel for Nintendo's newest arcade system with NX technology in the near future. Radikal Bikers 2: Race to the Pizza Store. The game itself even had a SD card slot to the right side where you could upload downloaded characters from your Wii game system into Nintendo's newest arcade system.

  12. I made a 60 FPS video of this game, and i gave my best of trying to complete it, but only at the very last race i lost, still i beated the game

  13. i went to an out of the way pizza place yesterday and they had this arcade game there, its funny how the graphics are low polly but the textures are realistic enough to make the girls look slutty

  14. Hmmm, you know what game this reminds me of?

    "Hey, hey, hey! It's time to make some CRAAAAZY money! Are ya ready?! HERE – WE – GO!!!"

  15. They had this game at my town's old Pizza Hut. I used to play this game every time I was there. This game's bike controllers had a steep learning curve but it was fun though.

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