Rust Tutorial time! I’ve made a Rust beginners guide to help you get started. It’s part 1 (if you like it!) and I’ll make more Rust tutorials if you want. This Rust tutorial guides you through getting familiar with the game and early, basics of gameplay with a focus on solo play. This Rust guide is current to April 2017, so a few changes might take place in the game over time. Hopefully this guide helps a few of you Rust noobs ad helps you learn how to play Rust. Or is it newbs? You’re all meat and fat to me!

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__What is Rust
The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Whatever it takes to survive.

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42 thoughts on “Rust Tutorial – Beginners Guide to Rust 2017 – Part 1: Getting Started

  1. I have a BRAND NEW Rust tutorial series for 2019 – out now! Go and watch and learn the latest information! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o3Bca3pog8&list=PLCymfyavV-yOiUuM0tpBeyQMQXl8HzpwN

  2. I JUST bought this game. I installed it. I logged in. I chose a 15 hour old official server. I spawned and 4 seconds later was shot in the head from someone I never saw.

    Subsequent respawns were not much better. Brutal. lol

  3. I like this rust tutorial easy the best one on Youtube with a civilized narrator. Do you have any 2019 tutorials ?

  4. “Bear in mind, you really don’t want to just be shot up on the beach.”
    -Unknown American Officer advising Enlisted before the Normandy Landings.

  5. If u want good stuff rigjt when u spawn wack at a couple of trees get some wood make a sphere kill some naked get alot or rocks find someone stacked and Chuck all the rocks at him and poke him with the sphere thats what I do lol

  6. If you are saving money For rust i recomend you a knock-off game called Nomad and its free and kinda the same , but has shit graphichs you are welcome

  7. You would not believe the day i have had. Total shit day where a job i did might not even pay me and when i get home to learn the new game i am playing it is a Kiwi behind the microphone.

    Do you know how much that shits me. He is talking about being on a rock with a 'beer' underneath him, and i'm like what the fuck is this game doing where a player is on a rock because there is a beer underneath him.

    Then he goes on about how 'Mital' is pleasing to him and i have to look up the player guide and search for 'Mital' thinking it is some character that i haven't seen before. Nowhere is there a mention of Mital in the documentation i can assure you.

    Shit man, learn to speak proper English would you. Get rid of that accent so you can sound more like normal American English. We would prefer it if you try to sound like an American so we can actually understand you.

    Imagine if we were in a battle of some war and the bloody New Zealander has to ask someone to pass him a weapon and the New Zealander is like "quick, pass me the wippon i have someone to attack" and the other USA people are like "what do you mean pass you the wippon, i don't know what a wippon is. Get the hell out of the front line you New Zealander because no one understands you and why you keep asking for something called a wippon.

    Go home New Zealander is what they would say. They would say "Go back to your island and you can have all the wippons you want but here in reality we talk English with American accent and if you cant speak that then you are not in our army".

  8. I found a shotgun in a chest and killed someone with it and then someone knocked me and took my shotgun and picked me back up

  9. Spawns on empty beach
    Realizes there's only one way off
    Takes 5+ mins trying to make it up a mountain so I can head to what I assume is the center of the map
    Gets to the top of the mountain
    Gets killed by some kid chasing me and using a "funny" voice
    Deletes the game and places it in hidden folder

    This was second experience. The first was walk around pitch black beach aimlessly till I wandered into some kind of turret…. ok

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