This is done using the Save Wizard for PS4 Max!
New codes added to Save Wizard (Standard built-in) TEST

PS4 Save Wizard MAX

New Built-IN Codes added:
• Have 10 of All Materia
• Unlock All Weapons
• Set Members – Set Map Controlled Character & Party Members
• Have All Books (Maxes Skill Points)
• Change Outfit

Final Fantasy 7 Custom Quick Codes Here:

Credit All Coders:
Thela | Skiller | Silent Night | Code Wizard | Khuong | Jimmy | MysticalOS


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  1. I hope square enix release update where we can choose to play any of these dresses. Its really a shame right now you cant fight with it.

  2. i found a code cheat on save wizard for cloud to have 999,999 strength 1 hit kills everything lok up max stats its soooo sweet

  3. So does Cloud have the Solider First Class outfit? And I'm guessing you can't attack with it on 🙁

  4. This isn't a secret costume mind you, it's one of the three dresses Tifa can wear during the Don Corneo section. Cloud also has three dresses he can wear

  5. Cool video ….Just wait for the PC version. I am sure the modding community for PC version will make it possible to fight with any custom.

  6. That is really cool , will wait for PC release , hoping these cheats will be available too for PC as mods 👌👍
    Wanted to buy a ps4 this summer but realised it was not worth it for me even for exclusives.
    I will be saving for one year to buy a high end computer when ff7r will come out on PC

  7. In FFXV you could use the save wizard advance settings to add those temporary partners in the game as permanent party members to fight along side you and level up with you. They would talk in and out of battle with the other party members. I'm looking forward to what else gets added to FF7 mods.

  8. Hi bro! Tell me, is there a modded save for Save Wizard to get 100% trophies in the game Greed Fall?

  9. Hi xdg I’ve tried modding final fantasy but when I put it on a usb save wizard doesn’t show the cheats for the game at all

  10. there are a couple of settings you should change to make the battle experience much better. I have a 1 min vid showing you. Get them looked at mate 👍

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