Monty LeClair joins Larry to discuss the Stoner 63A.

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50 thoughts on “Shooting the Stoner 63A

  1. i remember they interviewed a Vietnam SEAL and one of the things that came across was they Teams were reducing weight were they could, and those mud puppies loved the Stoner 63

  2. I know a navy seabe who was blessed to be a guy who was testing one of these and a mk18 gl. I showed him the mk 19 and how it was not cranked but was full auto with a 800 meter range and he really liked that

  3. Larry please do a show on the Indian Ordnance Product called the insas light machine gun.That guns need a good review.Havent seen a single vdo available on the insas.

  4. These are prototype weapon imagine some research in this gun what it could have been forget the m249. They talk about weight stoner gives them a 11lb machine gun years later get the m249 crazy

  5. Oh how I'd love one of these. Semi auto only to comply with my country's laws, but with full modularity and either closed bolt mag fed of open bolt belt. Nobody going to be robbing my house 🙂

  6. Nice, it was great to see some footage of the gun in action in real time, got a good feel for the fire rate.

    As much as you can feel it through youtube anyways

  7. I saw a documentary yesterday and I think to recall a SEAL oiling the belt itself. Would that make sense or was he doing something else?

  8. I love the look of that rifle excuse me machinegun..awesome rate of fire no wonder the seals in vietnam had a 300 to 1 kd ratio.

  9. It's really a pity that this system has not seen wider adoption. It's really another case of US command hubris fucking over ingenious gun designs. The officials insisted the squad support weapons have to be able to quick swap barrels. Which really isn't necessary for modern combat, especially close quarter combats. Machine gunners often need to change positions anyway after just a few long bursts. As almost all major military in the world adapted assault rifle based LMGs the US was still stuck with the "belt-fed, quick swap barrel, heavy bipod=superior firepower mindset". And now what? They are adopting M27 IAR…

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