For anyone who remembers this masterpiece from 1996, here are all the cutscenes in alphabetical order except for the intros and outros, ripped directly from the game disc. This was one of my favorite games when I was little, and it still holds up.

Stay Tooned! is a 1996 action-adventure PC game that was developed by Funnybone Interactive and published by Sierra Entertainment.The player navigates through twenty rooms located on five floors. The basement, attic, and several hidden rooms are also accessible. There are thirty rooms to play in, but some don’t appear in all of the games you play and almost none of them appear in the same place twice in a row. These rooms all have keys to them, but you have to search for them since the toons stole them all; you can also collect random items that may be useful later.

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39 thoughts on “Stay Tooned (PC Game) All Cutscenes

  1. You know, I'd actually consider the game's ending more of an "upper ending" than a downer ending. In all the time I've been around, I've only found more reasons to hate the Real World rather than embrace it. But living life as a Toon — now that would be the life for me!

  2. I love all the humor in this game it radiates that 90’s charm. It’s a shame these characters were lost to time I would of loved to see more of them

  3. In Search for Bobby Fischer (1993), Stay Tooned (Video Game, 1996) and Space Jam (1996), Jimmy Kielbasa played the role of Alice Through the Looking Glass, or should I say, "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There."

  4. Maybe mighty girl should make guest stars from Puddle books for this Game

    1. Katrina and Fiddle at the Carnival with Baxter and Betsy
    2. Mayor Jack's in the Bathtub and he Can't get out
    3. The Dog's Life Dancers: Louie Lumpfield, Susie, Melanie, Kyle and Yolanda Yellsalot
    and more

  5. Excuse me, I was just wondering; how can you get Pixel or Chisel to ride a unicycle? By going into and/or idling in a hall or what?

  6. I have been searching for this for hours! It was to the point that I thought I hallucinated the whole thing! Thankfully I found it on reddit!

  7. This was my first game away from the childhood classics like Putt Putt. It was edgy and I loved the mysteriousness about it all. Thanks for this!

  8. my mom made this computer game 🙂 im glad to see people are still enjoying it. i wish i could play it too!!

  9. thanks for the upload, this was also one of my favorite games. i'll never forget how much time i put into it just to have my sister erase my save file after i beat it 😛

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