High school simulator game “Student Council Simulator”

Let’s face the problem of the school as a student committee member.

■ What is “Student Council Simulator”?

Student Council Simulator which you can spend freely at the high school expressed in 3D

Let’s be a student committee member and preserve the safety and peace of the high school.

■ How to play

Let’s become the main character who became a student council member and carry out various missions given by the student council president.

All the fixtures that are placed in the high school can be equipped.

Let’s use the equipment well for clearing the mission.

If you clear the mission you can earn “student council points” that you can use for purchasing school supplies and upgrading.

■ Equipment
By using “Student Council Point” you can purchase furniture online shop.

There are various fixtures from daily necessities to weapons.

■ Acquire the student council points and enrich the high school equipment!
You can earn student council points by clearing the mission.

Let’s challenge miscellaneous missions by acquiring new furniture at points you earn.

■Scheduled update

Addition of mission

Add Weapon

Add avatar

■To those who crash the application
If the application falls down
Please change the setting of the setting screen

■youtube playlist

Materials are borrowed from the following site


Wingless Seraph



the machimakers


Nguồn: https://missionaryoutreach.net/

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