The Bottled Imp – Episode 2 – Talisman: Revised 4th Edition: Fantasy Board Game Review.

In this episode I’ll be reviewing the fantasy board game Talisman from Fantasy Flight.

This board game review covers the base Talisman game.
Talisman expansions will be reviewed in further episodes.

Revised 4th edition, Designed by: Robert Harris, Play Time: 4 – 5 hours, Players: 2 – 6, Recommended Ages: 9+, Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

The Bottled Imp
The Fantasy Review Show

Presented by Ken Boyter

Produced by Julian Newman Turner

Music by Greg Breden

Artwork by Richard Nairn

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41 thoughts on “Talisman: Revised 4th Edition – Fantasy Board Game Review.

  1. Introduced this to friends and family last weekend, all massive board game nerds. They all loved it, now painting up all the characters and looking forward to adding some expansions slowly. Great video, allowed us to role into the game with minimal hassle.

  2. I have tried this game and … oh my god, it's terrible.
    Terrible design, terrible mechanics (Every action requires dice : Luck Luck Luck)

    I think people play this game because of nostalgia, rather than for the the game itself

    Could be fun with the right people if you play to mock the game….

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing! Best instructions! I was wondering what paint you use for painting the figures?

  4. Awesome review! I just bought the game yesterday. Maybe you can answer me- why does the game (4th edition) comes with 6 dices? You roll just one dice each turn, do you need all of them for playing the game or are they're for spare parts?

  5. God Talisman is so good. Been playing the digital edition on steam with a few friends who live far away. It's pretty good! Definitely prefer the board game but the extra expansions online is pretty neat.

  6. Oi! Ken! How are you mate? 😃 When is Talisman 5 Edition coming out and how does it look? Thank you! Cheers! Best regards Sincerely Vince 🙂

  7. Ken what are the measurements in inches of the Talisman 4 edition revised? I have the black industries version. Let me know please thanks mate! A K

  8. HELP! Quick talisman question re. the Inner Region Pit Fiends!
    If a player rolls a 4, thus encountering 4 Pit Fiends to fight (4 str each), do they combine their attack (16 str)? And if the player wins his roll, are all 4 Fiends beaten at once, or are 3 left over to fight (now 12 str)? We can't figure this out from the rules and need help urgently. Thanks 🙂

  9. Really feel like playing this game but looked online and nearly all of the expansions are out of print, do they usually get reprinted or is there any news of a 5th edition? I wouldn't want to buy it with not being able to get the expansions

  10. Hi Ken, back again :-)) and a question on fate tokens please.

    I've seen this answer somewhere and believe it was from your good self, but that was a long long time ago.  Both sides have a light and dark colour and I think its something to do with, light side for me, dark side for other characters, but can you confirm this and any other rules and if its from yourself, where have I seen it before.  

    I have the four large expasions, as well as The Frostmarch, Reaper, Blood Moon, Firelands and Harbinger small expansions and I have checked all of the instructions and cannot find this answer anywhere, but I'm sure it was yourself that answered this in one in one of your excellent videos.

  11. Hi Ken, I've searchrd all of the cards and cannot work out what makes a character change into a toad, can you shed some light please. All I can see is rolling a 1 in the City.  I thought it was if you rolled a 1 for movement, but that's what wakes the Reaper up

  12. Hello question here,if i defeated the guard of the bridge do i have to kill him again if i want to pass him inside not get out side

  13. I like your reviews btw. Good job on explaining the components of the game without spoiling the whole game!

  14. i got this game about a month ago and now im hooked. I first saw this game 2 years ago. It was for sale and on sale online. I shouldve bought it at that time, cause now its hard to find expansions at a reasonable price. and i wanna collect them all!! So far i have Harbinger, Bloodmoon, and Cataclysm.

    Anyone has an idea where i could get the rest for a good price?? Thanks in advance!

  15. first board game i ever played back in the eighties … i am quite happy to get the new edition and play it again

  16. I literally remembered this game from my childhood while chatting to a colleague today, now I just purchased the game on Amazon, and am brushing up on rules via your video. Can't wait to teach my little girl when she's old enough – bring on the next generation!

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