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Special edition of Onet Connect Game for Valentine’s Day !

Onet Connect Valentine is the best game for relax all kids ages so smart and reaction like version Picachu PC. This version is special for Valentine’s Day.
Onet Connect Valentine is a classic Onet – Connect / Picachu PC game. The main objective of Onet Connect Valentine is to remove all icon tiles. Tap the icon tiles to select it. You have to find two identical icon tiles that can be connected with up to 3 straight lines where there is no other tiles blocking on the connecting line path.
Onet Connect Valentine is simple addicting pair solving puzzle game or matching game with a fresh gameplay. If you like connect / matching game (Picachu PC), you will love to play Onet Connect Valentine.

FEATURES OF Onet Connect Valentine

– So easy to play and relax
– Nice graphics and sound for Valentine’s Day
– Share your best score with leaderboard

HOW TO PLAY Onet Connect Valentine

– Connect two identical item to clear but not break line
– Clear all cards before time is over and you win

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day !

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