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43 thoughts on “THE GAME OF THE YEAR 🔥 LSU defeats Alabama in UNFORGETTABLE MATCHUP!

  1. I’m not saying Texas was worth a damn last year, but I will say they played LSU closer than anyone. Caught’em early I guess.

  2. I could not watch this video because of the background music. It sucks and is totally unnecessary. Went and watched some of the others posted on youtube.

  3. People forget that Alabama had so many injuries. If everyone stayed healthy, Alabama would be the 2019 national champions. However, injuries are apart of the game so no excuses.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the highlights of this game, just wish the music weren't so loud in the background. At times it reminded me of the music they used to play in the background of horror movies where the coven is meeting to sacrifice somebody. Also too bad Gary Danielson was one of the announcers of the game, but there's nothing Harris could do about that. Other than that, LOVED the video.

  5. The people I was watching the game with kept saying how it looks like the defensive linemen for both teams are jumping offsides on every play. They weren’t; they’re just that good. These guys just know the snap count and are after the QB instantly. That is some incredible coaching and superb discipline.

  6. This LSU team was not getting beat this year. They were just better than everyone. It didn't matter who they played, they were winning it all and they were so much fun to watch the whole time!

  7. If we have a regular season this year, Alabama will be SUPER DANGEROUS. Everyone on defense has experience now, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris, Bryce Young, Dylan Moses, etc. Will be scary good.

  8. Believe me they wont EVER. Win another 1….ever….sorry clowns…..R.O.L.L MF. T.I.D.E….🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🏈

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