DJ Akademiks speaks on The Game pulling up in Atlanta and giving out money to locals in Atlanta. Previously he had a beef with Young Thug but it was resolved by JoJo capone.
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25 thoughts on “The Game Pulls Up In Atlanta (Young Thug Hometown) and Gives Out Money!

  1. no aint nobody about to be dead he just trying to help his fellow people no matter what set you from or what cities

  2. she I'm from Compton and I know the game is not to be f*** with young thugs going to get his ass whooped I hope someone catch it on tape video tape

  3. yall knew Game was come to the A because he got grown ass men here on his team. Not young boys wearing their sister shit Young Thug embarrassing as fck. Atlanta Delegation request the rights of Hopsin for Young Thug.

  4. @John Doe
    You a punk nigga! set trippen Net bangin N Kant meet up. on that ol mighty BL92D gang Nigga you lucky!!!!

  5. Aug 28th at 1pm Host : Don Harrison, Rap performers: Bankroll Chevy , bobby brown jr . Lil donald freebandz /epic, taylor Girlz , Singer bando jonez zone4 /epic djshawtyrelive zone 4. terrance davidson celebrity hair stylist the King of glam . Tony welch rich homie Quan ent , kyle norman . Colipark . Dc young fly . Janee blake or cassandra bury KdK , special guest performance by lil terio .archive ent Special guest kyle norman of jagged edge

  6. Game is established and loved to the point where he can come to ATL and do stuff like that; Young Thug, even if he is from ATL, he doesn't have that. He can't go to Cali and do whatever.
    Besides, Game can outsell Thug in a show on the same night… in ATL!

  7. OK, so why Game didn't go to the real hood, though? Cleveland Ave / Old Hapeville Rd in Zone 3 where Thugga actually from. Smh.

  8. But the game been doing that everywhere for about 2 years he announced it on the Arsenio Hall show he just pull up on anybody and give them bread but the dope factor about it is that he did it in Atlanta that's like saying nigga I fuck with yo city harder than u do shiddd

  9. Game is gangster all day everyday but family comes first so respect to the game Btw #fuckyoungthug come to Jamaica catch a fat bullet batty bwoy

  10. The Game learnt from 50 cent when he was with g unit in how he handles certain beefs this is exactly what i wouldve expected 50 to do hahah

  11. He gave away 1700. The number he gave away was a sign. The number 17. Represent Mountin up that's why. Young Hugs came out and said they want us to kill our self. Catch the knowledge wend you see it. 17 also mean other things in blood slang.

  12. Riding around with them dicks bussing at other niggas, Literally! Rotflmao! Dude you fuckin hilarious and u do it on the slick lmao

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