Thanks to Paradox for sponsoring this video! Surviving Mars: Green Planet is out now and you can find it here:
The stream is today (the 17th) at 8am AEST!

Hope you lads enjoyed some Surviving Mars! I do enjoy the game, but definitely forgot how big it was compared to other paradox games. Still, it’s fun to play a city builder that focuses on survival too.



Merch – check Discord for the discount code:

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34 thoughts on “Turning the Red Planet Green – Surviving Mars: Green Planet

  1. I say in my mind that he sounded familiar in nuclear winter now I know who sounded like the chairman from rvb

  2. It took me a while to figure out what MTF meant and I was just sitting there for like 10 minutes thinking "i mean i'm happy she came out but i don't get the joke in making the robot trans"

  3. Greta Thunberg when she see's you talking about burning fossil fuel.

    "You are killing my braincells. How dare you. I now have no happiness."

  4. one issue with your fossil fuel plan rimmy, it takes more than 0.1% oxygen in order for combustion to work. Also mars is 95% carbon dioxide to begin with. What is most needed is a method to prevent the atmosphere leaking off into space which has greatly reduced atmospheric pressure to less than one percent of earths. Its surface atmospheric pressure is roughly what we have 35km from the surface of earth. For reference mount Everest peaks out at less than 9km with the air too thin for many to breath….. Long story short we need to increase atmospheric pressure without simply adding or creating co2. Even if we added it from another planet or comet, it would leak into space again, probably faster than we could bring it.

  5. Dear elon, please send all the boomers to mars, they destroy the earth but will help mars, once they get enough greenhouse gasses they will die and we will hit 3 birds with 1 stone.

  6. Mars will only bring world peace to Mars. Because climate change is still a scam. Try leaving all the retards who believe in that as the sole populace of an entire world.

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