You asked for it, so here it is! This is the updated video for What’s In My New Nintendo 3DS XL Case! Not much has changed, but there are some differences that are worth making a video on. Let me know what you want to see next by leaving a comment!

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Brendo Hard Case for New 3DS XL / New 2DS XL Review:

What’s Inside My New 3DS XL Case?! (Original):

Brendo Hard Case for New 3DS XL Review (Original):


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35 thoughts on “* Updated * What's In My New Nintendo 3DS XL Case – Spring 2018

  1. hey any idea why i cannot watch youtube on my new 3ds even through the browser? keep in mind this is the NEW 3ds

  2. Can your 3ds get bricked for using the modded cartridges? My cousin had one with all of the games and his 3ds got bricked and he had spent over $300 on it.

  3. Nice case. Do you still play 3ds? I find now that I have my switch I play more of that. I will get back into playing my 3ds soon.

  4. Thanks for the gr8 review! Congratulations on making it this far in your career, and I hope you hit one million subs soon! P.s. i subbed and appreciate the fact that you check comments and reply to ppl when you have the time!!!

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