Please be aware that this game covers some DARK topics including suicide so please watch with caution.
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  1. i cant decide whether im more unsettled about how much I understand about the game or how little mark understands until the end

  2. i hate the people who call depression a "fAkE DiSeAsE" and that "YoU jUsT WaNt aTtEnTiOn" it's not fake and it's serious. to all the people with depression out there, take care, and know you're not alone.


  3. Me: *has depression and wants to die
    Mark: plays a game like this
    Me: watches it knowing he will say something at the end that helps me.

  4. YouTube has recommended me:
    The static speaks my name
    Dont take this risk
    And now this, all in the same day. I think YouTube is smarter than we give it credit for

  5. The man in the room..

    Left with his thoughts..

    His thoughts engulfed him..

    Constant dread and guilt..

    His thought's take control..

    Forcing him to let them take control..

    They guided him in life..

    To his goal..

    The final destination..

    To fly..

    To soar..

    But he was tricked..

    His wings were stuck..

    They wouldn't open..

    His wings tricked him..

    They were never there..

    He tricked himself..

    He admitted defeat..

    And met to his destination..

    Finally at peace. Silence.

    No misery.


    Just silence…


    YouTube… are you trying to tell me something?

  7. Me wondering should I end it all
    My Depression and anxiety:
    Do It!
    Just Do It!
    My Life is Meaningless!
    Just Do It!

  8. Although my story will never amount to most people sharing theirs, I thought I’d just get it off my chest. My first suicide attempt was back in September 11th, 2019. Then another in November and another in December. All together I spent about 2 months in mental facilities. Circumstances leading up to that was just family issues and insecurities. I am now 3 months clean from cutting and I’m currently living alone, which I’m happy with. Watching things like this is what gives me hope to save others, thank you Mark. If someone needs to vent or talk my snap is Ariana-smith02 and my insta is Ari_smith02. Just message me if you need someone, you’re never alone.

  9. This honestly helps so much rn…2020 did us dirty and brought me back into a place I haven't been in for a while

  10. it makes me happy to know that Mark is such a hilarious, fun-loving guy, but serious in situations he needs to be like on the topic of depression and suicide. my heart goes out to all of you in the comments talking about your own mental health issues. stay strong bros <3

  11. I know its late, but… I need help. My life is a mess: I hear/see things that do not exist, and my parents are both skeptical about it, and they deem me as untrustworthy and shady and manipulative, when really, im not that way. Im just a guy who has trouble trusting people because ive been hurt plenty of times by plenty of people; I just cant just ify taking a chance on someone who's potentially going to hurt me.

    I feel as if dying is the only answer, and no, im not just saying this for attention like a 14 yr old girl. I genuinely feel like im less than worthless, and I have been told by a few people who were close friends that im basically a garbage human being. Maybe the world would be better off without me.

    I also told my parents this, but they just told me that im being dramatic and that I need to stop because thats not how im supposed to get attention.

    I need help guys. Please. Im literally at my wits end here, and ive said that multiple times here, ill admit, but I just… cant see myself postponing it for too much longer. Nothing ive tried so far has helped: therapy, talking to someone (both parents and significant other), trying to find something that makes me happy. Nothing has done it for me.

    And please dont just ignore this like some people might. For a lack of better language, im not f*ckin around this time through. It hurts to be alive and think of all of the hurtful things I had to go through, I just want it all to end and go away.

    Im sorry for being such a burden to anyone who read all of that, I just tend to ramble and I cant help it. But seriously, I really do need help. I appreciate anyone who is willing to talk because like I said, im pretty much done trying.

    And on a final note (I promise, no more after this one), I apologize to Mark, because hes always so positive and nice and caring, but I just… cant do this anymore. It hurts so badly. Its like repetitively stubbing your toe and stepping on Legos, but mentally and emotionally. Im sorry. Really, really sorry. If I do carry out with it, I want him to know that ive been subbed for like, forever, and hes pretty much been like a super cool dad that always makes you laugh and feel better about yourself. Not being cringy, im being real, and im pretty sure everyone else hear can agree. But moving on, I have no clue how to end an essay/comment like this, so… thanks for reading, I guess, and I sincerely hope that you have an absolutely spectacular rest of your life.

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