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Here is What I learned after 10 Years of Making Games with Unity! Let me know what you think, if you have any questions or need help! Hopefully these tips are useful. =)

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34 thoughts on “What I Learned after 10 Years of Making Games! (Unity)

  1. Like if you need a session of Sykoology. I know, I'm funny like that!
    Join us on Discord and I'll buy your family one giant cookie: https://discord.gg/4kRCajN

  2. hello, can anyone help me with this problem? I cant add modules in the unity but I need the android oculus go but it's not showing up. I did it through an android studio but it's saying that it's not the latest version and I should download the latest version from unity hub, but it's not coming up on the unity hub. what should I do now? I've my thesis on hand kindly help me please

  3. 0:00 – Self-intro
    2:26 – Opinion on schools
    3:08 – Working environment
    5:24 – Experience from failing
    8:30 – Working for big projects
    11:17 – Organizing stuff
    13:01 – General advice for beginners

  4. Only if I had a good PC to even try out stuff like this without getting frustrated. Giving up because of reasons like this is sad.

  5. Damn dude I feel you, I've waste almost of my money to just hire some voice actors for my game. but It's worth It because my game has 1k downloads already ^^.

  6. is there a software or something that allows you to easily place your characters instead of going through and doing everything jus for fun like it’s cheating your way through but i jus want to see if i like instead of going through and getting tired

  7. I learned after trying for two years with Unity, but having started with C++:

    I like Unreal more. But I don't disparage those that use other engines. Unreal is just the engine that clicks with me. It's kind of an engine designed for C++ programmers first.

  8. "working from home is a waste of time" … So the 3 hour commute and £1000's isn't a waste? My personal time or chats over the water cooler? I think I'll take my time thanks

  9. Everyone who is getting into game development(like me) don't give up on it. Even if you feel like you aren't making any progress. Take it slow and build your knowledge. IN the name of god you can even just a make a cube explode. THATS AMAZING. keep doing the thing you love. 🙂 one day you will become the developers you loved watching.
    Don't always sit and program non-stop. Take breaks. Play some video games. Watch TV. Eat. Hell do something else for a few hours. Maybe even take a one day off.

  10. Im 13 years old and im working on a game with a friend ( 11 ) and im loving it but the problem right now is the coding ( its hard ) so now im just searching up tutorials. i realy wana learn to code!

    i'm asking for help ( like giving good tutorials for begginers )

  11. Failing is the biggest fear that you should have. My friend TobiHudi told that me first when I tried to start game dev and failed.

  12. Wait a min..u learned to just place these blocks and make a texture???(jk) dont spread hate

    Wait ,why are you here don't u have work to so?

  13. Umm ten years ago with those is not that bad make sure to remember the time of the video release which was a year ago I think so yeah so not bad not bad

  14. I'm currently a student for gamedesign and we've worked on for almost a whole year with very small breaks. During the last 2 months I've been EXTREMELY burnt out.
    Due to:
    1. Working from home, spending all of my time home.
    2. No break whatsoever (we we're supposed to get July off but they made a change of plans)
    Man, I might need to contact my teachers. Thanks for reminding me about the part regarding my health.

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