Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos – MARIK THE DARKNESS. This game has 1109 cards in total (over 350 are added by me) including some anime only and fan-made cards. To unlock all cards open ‘All Cards – UNLOCKER’ folder and follow the instructions in ‘All Cards INFO!!!!!!!.txt’ file. You can also use some of my Decks if you want. You can find them in ‘Here are some Decks’ folder. If you have any problems, watch this tutorial:

Originally this mod was a combination of Spanish MARIK THE DARKNESS Mod and a Mod made by MIKEMAN. I added many new cards in it including some Marik’s like Helpoemer, Legendary Fiend, Newdoria, Dark Jeroid, Makyura the Destructor….

Kazuki Takahashi – for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!
KONAMI – for developing and publishing Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos games
KaibaCorporationDTDL – for Kaiba Corporation Workstation program
MIKEMAN – for making an English version of MARIK THE DARKNESS mod
Me (RistaR87) – for new cards and decks

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34 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! MARIK THE DARKNESS (Power of Chaos MOD) – English version DOWNLOAD

  1. You could win 1 turn before with sangan attacking big shield gardna, whats was thinking marik reviving big shield gardna in attack position

  2. Hey! So I had all the other three games and downloaded this mod too.. the problem is, I want to import a deck I used to use in the Joey game, and when I do, it's all messed up, it imports some of the correct cards but there are others that were never there. Does anyone know if I can fix this?

  3. omg wow gjgj.. I'm surprised mirror force worked on God card 😆😎🤗😇🤔😝😒😲🤑😨😱😢👺👹😈👾🙌🙏🎅✌👍

  4. I am curious as to what would happen if someone beat Yami Marik with a Seal of Orichalcos. He's not an ancient soul like Bakura and Atem. More of an alternate personality born from trauma. But is it still a soul in its own right?

  5. You can give me the millenium eye background without the field to use as the bg ygopro . sorry for the bad english

  6. Thanks a lot I had been looking for the language.dat file for this game since I only have it in spanish and it takes forever when Marik sets a trap card, Is there a way to have the game corrected? I usually play without forbidden cards and yet I can't seen to figure out how in hell "Imperial Order" still works.

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